We are now writing the success story of Kilim in a small carpenter's workshop in Kayseri, thanks to the foundation we laid in 1976 with skillful hands. We offer furniture manufacturing and services in Turkey by transforming into a large integrated facility with the power we fully receive from domestic sources. We have already taken our place among the leading furniture manufacturers of the country by growing consistently with our vision of producing "A KILIM" in accordance with universal standards and affection for every living space around the world. However, we do not stand in our place and we continue to increase our capacity to offer a new and wide range of products to our customers with the facilities we have established .We continue to produce high quality and innovative products from bedroom to young room, dining room to plasma units with our machines and equipment equipped with high technology.

We are aware of the importance of the bed, where we spend a third of our life, even today. We serve our customers with a wide range of products to suit every body type. We serve with all kinds of products that will appeal to every taste from salon set to sofa, corner set to living room sets in our upholstered group facilities with large production area and high production capacity

Yay-Sün, which is the chemical plant of our company, has been providing services to different sectors including chair, sofa and bed since 2004. With large production capacity, Yay-Sün situated between Turkey's first 5 sponge manufacturers has been operating with the latest technology to meet international quality standards. We closely follow technological developments in all areas and carry out continuous R & D studies with a new innovative approach.

With an extensive sales and service network in Turkey and in many countries of the world, not only our country, we can reach all over the world. As Kilim, we strive to meet the needs of millions of customers in the best way by carrying out our works within the framework of the EFQM excellence model.

We develop our corporate infrastructure and modern production facility activities with high quality standards, the most advanced technologies and innovative applications every day. With the understanding of KILIM reliability; socially, with a theoretical culture respecting the law and the environment, we are a brand that is desired to do business from the point of our business partners, provides a fair working environment for our employees, offers our customers products and services they can trust in every aspect.

We contribute to the strength of our brand by creating a happy Kilim Family with each of our departments, business and solution partners, who are loyal to their work, energetic and highly professional employees, who contribute to KILIM Synergy approach, who have contributed to achieving and sustaining this success story. A Kilim is enough for those who want to change their lifestyle in terms of comfort found in details.


This pride is enough for us also...